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Sauropod Self Defense

Speaking of sauropods and artists, I am trying to paint (digitally) an
illustration depicting the power of sauropods - how a tyrannosaur
would be in trouble if ever he got in one's path due to their immense
size (as might a lion getting trampled by a bull elephant). In my
endeavor to make it as accurate as possible, I came across a lot of
data that says sauropods might not have lifted their heads high at all
- even brachiosaurus.
In my painting I had the sauropod (based on an Argentinasaurus)
lifting its head very high and also rearing up on its back legs to
crush the rex. So now I suppose I should start over with the
sauropod...but my question is - can I keep it rearing up if I keep its
head low? How do you guys think a sauropod would realistically
'attack' a threatening predator? And is the whip-tail theory still

By the way Luis Rey - you might remember me from Montana. :)

-Johanna Arcand