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Luanchuanraptor henanensis & Eotriceratops xerinsularis

Greetings, here I have something of information, but  I dont have yet any image 
of none of these two new discoveries... I hope they can also help me sending me 
some image. Apologize again for the spelling it is that I am not North 
American. Thank you.
New Ceratopsia in the Horseshoe Canyon Formation.    
"Eotriceratops xerinsularis Wu, Brinkman, Eberth & they Bellow, 2007"  
It is a Ceratopsinae of the late Cretácico whose fossil remains have been 
hayados in the Horseshoe Canyon Formation, in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada; place 
with a magnificent registration fossil of dinosaurs.   
"Luanchuanraptor henanensis"   
It is a new Dromaeosauridae of Luanchuan China whose remains are quite 
complete. According to my sources he/she has a great development from the 
musculature relaccionada to their arms, what can imply a great proximity with 
their flying ancestros.   
"Luanchuanraptor henanensis Lü, J. - C., Xu, L., Zhang, X. - L., Ji, Q., Jia, 
S. - H., Hu, W. - Y., Zhang, J. - M., and Wu, Y. - H. (2007) "