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RE: Sauropod Self Defense

GSP1954@aol.com escribió:
> The appropriate titanosaur for an encounter with
> Tyrannosaurus is 
> Alamosaurus. 

This is because you are only thinking in a North
American scenary...
What if the T.rex could have crossed the bridge?
hadrosaurs and ankylosaurs did it...and you can find
them easily in South America...
Did T.rex inhabited parts of South America? If did it,
obviously was not abbundant and we still didn'e found
it, as we didn't found ceratopsians, and you have the
possible encounter with every latest K South American
titanosaurs, especially the horse-sized saltasaurids
and the elephant-sized argyrosaurs. 
We've published in 2003 in Ameghiniana an incomplete
but beautifully preserved D-shaped crown from Entre
Ríos, Argentina. However, we didn't reached enough
self-conviction to propose that it belonged to a
tyrannosaurid (and we still didn't)...perhaps other
best. Sebastian  

Lic. Sebastián Apesteguía

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