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Re: Under a green sky

And David, just out of curiosity, are you associated with climate
science, or do you just have a passing interest?

The latter. I was in a mailing list for a year and occasionally read blog posts. It's mainly paleoclimatology that I'm interested in...

I ask because you seem
to be familiar with most of the current work being done.

Well, I would like the day to have 50 hours, but it doesn't. No, I don't follow it closely at all. :-) The many links I amassed yesterday come from a Science search for papers with "Greenland" in the title.

My research is focused on improving our understanding of the role of
cloud phase on the atmospheric energy balance and the impact on Arctic
sea ice, with the primary emphasis being on mixed-phase

Does that mean clouds consisting of ice crystals and water droplets?

for reasons I'm sure you are aware of.

I'm not. And let's take this offlist. :-)