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Re: Under a green sky

I have a lot of trouble with the "man is at fault" (specifically, western European and North American man, and more specifically US man) theory, which is more politics than science.

1. http://www.realclimate.org
2. Don't you even notice that you're making an argument from ignorance? Remember, you have fallen among the scientists. Making argument from ignorance is just about the most embarrassing thing you can do.

First, I'm not making an argument at all, just noting that I don't blindly accept politically-based pseudo-science theories that US automobiles are to blame for everything and that we're all doomed within a few years. People can do their own research, but there are plenty of links out there to contradictory info, and no, the oil companies didn't bribe out of work scientists to say things.

I can't even say that my interest in this reaches the level of passing, but any investigation of the issues finds that there is far from universarl acceptance of the man is evil theory.