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Re: Under a green sky

First, I'm not making an argument at all, just noting that I don't blindly accept politically-based pseudo-science theories that US automobiles are to blame for everything and that we're all doomed within a few years.

By calling it pseudoscience, you claim that the science is untestable and thus not science. This reveals your ignorance, nothing more. By calling it politically-based, you claim again that it isn't science (resting on opinions instead of on facts). This again reveals your profound ignorance.

By saying "within a few years", you... guessed it... once again reveal your ignorance. We are talking about several decades for the short-term changes. You've made a strawman and are probably not even aware of that.

People can do their own research, but there are plenty of links out there to contradictory info

So are plenty of links to info that disproves the contradictory info.

and no, the oil
companies didn't bribe out of work scientists to say things.

Sometimes they did, but that doesn't matter: the people in question are wrong anyway.

I can't even say that my interest in this reaches the level of
passing, but any investigation of the issues finds that there is far
from universarl acceptance of the man is evil theory.

You are making the assumption that everybody knows just as little on this topic as you. Go spend a few days (yes, days) in realclimate.org, and if that isn't enough for you, go spend a few days (yes, days) in Google, preferably behind a university server, so you have access to primary literature. And then come back and act as if you knew anything. Not the other way around.

You also come very close to making an argument from consequences. This, too, is a logical fallacy.

To soothe your potentially hurt ego (which you have somehow managed to inflate to the size of your country), let me know that I, too, produce way more CO2 than necessary. Now that there are no more direct trains between Paris and Vienna, the by far cheapest way to move between the two is by plane (on one of those extremely cheap airlines), due to the bizarre pricing concept of the European railway companies. It will take a decade or two before the TGV goes all the way to Vienna, and by then I'll have finished my thesis and live who knows where on the globe.