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Scientific Consensus: Birds As Dinosaurs

Interesting that an argument concerning Global Warming should break out here of all places.

When I argue about AGW and the "scientific consensus" etc. with climate change skeptics, I often make reference to the "Birds are Dinos" debate and how that progressed historically.

So can anyone tell me:

1) When did workers in the field settle behind the "Birds are Dinos" position in its most generic sense (where BCF might be considered a variety of Birds are Dinos)?

2) Can anyone provide a for vs. against count of scientists pro versus against OVER THE YEARS? Pre Liaoning fossils, for example, was it about 50/50? And at what percentage (80% pr vs 20% against, for example), was the "debate" considered pretty much over?

3) Has there been any history of science/sociology of science done on this issue?

This, by the way, is one of the short pieces I wrote on the topic: