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Re: Scientific Consensus: Birds As Dinosaurs

When I argue about AGW and the "scientific consensus" etc. with climate
change skeptics, I often make reference to the "Birds are Dinos" debate and
how that progressed historically.

Interesting comparison. Yes, the parallels are obvious.

1) When did workers in the field settle behind the "Birds are Dinos"
position in its most generic sense (where BCF might be considered a variety
of Birds are Dinos)?

What about the late 80s?

2) Can anyone provide a for vs. against count of scientists pro versus

Phew. That would require a major literature research!

Pre Liaoning fossils, for example, was it about 50/50?

Certainly not. More like 95/5, I think.

And at what percentage (80% pr vs 20% against, for example), was the
"debate" considered pretty much over?

When "workers in the field settled behind the 'Birds are Dinos' position" -- I'd say in the late 80s.

3) Has there been any history of science/sociology of science done on this

None that I'm aware of. Would be interesting.