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Xianlong, gliding 'lizard'?

Thanks to the two Michaels who wrote with offers to find the pdf off-list.

And Happy Thanksgiving!

I found the Xianlong paper at the PNAS website, keyword: gliding.

This thing is so scaly that it is difficult to see some bones. Nice. The 
authors entered morphological data into a matrix previously published by Lee 
(2005) with the following coding:


Came out next to Leiolepidinae / Iguania. The point is, there are a lot of 
question marks here! It's also worthy of notice that only squamates were 
represented in the matrix. Not good when the inclusion of Kuehneosaurs would 
have been better. Kuehneosaurs appear to have been tacked on to the published 
cladogram in place of the label Outgroup which appears in the Supp. Material. 
Say it ain't so.

Still not convinced this isn't a late surviving kuehneosaur, but let's leave 
that open for now. More later as this gets digested. 

David Peters
St. Louis