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New... Press stories

The november 23 issue of "Science" has news stories about the SVP meetings
in Austin last month: about two pages by Erik Stokstad.

Four papers were described in the write-up.  One of them was about
dinosaurs: as a "mammalian chauvinist," I'll make you scroll to the bottom
for it.

Two were mammal: Nancy Simmons on a new Green River bat with primitive
features (claws on all its fingers), but probably volant, showing no signs
of echolocation (no cochlear hypertrophy), and Timothy Rowe announcing that
Teinolophus had a canal in its jaw suggesting that it had electroreceptors
on its snout, and so was probably an ancestral platypus.  (Seems to me that
one has been extensively discussed here.)

One was froggy: Jason Anderson describing a new Dissorophoid intermediate in
some features (like: vertebra count) between Amphibamus and the oldest known

As for those derived archosaurs that this forum is unaccountably devoted to,
the lead story in the coverage was about Jack Horner and his student Holly
Woodward arguing that Stygimologh was a juvenile, and Dracorex an even
younger, Pachycephalosaurus (and so reducing the count of late Cretaceous
North American Pachycephalosaurs from 4 to 2).


Allen Hazen
Philosophy Department
University of Melbourne