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Re: Why did small dinos become extinct?

We now know of burrowing dinos (Oryctodromeus and possibly Orodromeus). Admittedly Oryctodromeus was vegetarian and Orodromeus was a close relative, so both were doomed under the standard explanation. But why were there no burrowing small predatory dinos in the latest Cretaceous or, if there were, why did they perish?

As far as we currently know, there were no burrowing predatory dinosaurs ever.

While I obviously can't exclude future surprises of the sort that *Drinker* and *Oryctodromeus* have been, using the forelimbs to dig must be difficult when the forearms cannot be rotated -- the palms constantly faced each other, unless the arms were spread very wide. That only leaves the feet and the mouth, and the latter is not recommended in the absence of gnawing teeth or a beak.

Still, there are birds that nest in self-dug burrows...