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Re: On Xenoposeidon gen. et sp nov

You are not the only victim of this system. Our paper on the rimmed, Triassic nests of crurotarsal archosaurs was totally ignored. Here, in Italy, in Europe, in USA, in the world. Maybe on the moon.....


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Subject: On Xenoposeidon gen. et sp nov

Renato Santos writes:
> http://www.nature.com/news/2007/071114/full/news.2007.249.html
> http://www.metro.co.uk/news/article.html?in_article_id=75727&in_page_id=34
> New sauropod found by Mike Taylor on a specimen shelf at the
> Natural History Museum in London.

And, my, didn't _that_ turn out to be the shortest thread ever?

What this has shown me is that the "global village" is not so global
after all.  Yes, Xeno came out the same day as Sereno et al.'s
Nigersaurus skull description; so far as I've been able to tell, the
latter got no TV or press coverage at all in the UK; and it seems that
the former was pretty much completely ignored in the states.

For anyone who cares (and who wouldn't?) here is a whole bunch of
stuff about this particularly awesome two-thirds-of-a-dorsal-vert.

* The actual paper:

* A more easily digestible PowerPoint presentation, from the talk I
 gave on the (then unnamed) specimen at ProgPal 2006:

* "Unofficial supplementary information" for the paper, including the
 Nexus file of the phylogenetic analysis, high-resolution versions of
 all the figures, and additional specimen photos:

* A page for the media and laymen explaining the find and its
 significance in simpler terms, including lots of nice pictures:

* Videos of the various Xenoposeidon stories that were on the TV on
 the day of release (BBC South, ITV Meridian, ITN News, Channel 4,

* A whole week's worth of posts, some of them more in-depth than
 others, making up Xenoposeidon Week at the Sauropod Vertebra Picture
 of the Week (SV-POW!) web-site:

By the way, and speaking with all objectivity, I do think that SV-POW!
is the single most wonderful thing on the Web, and I encourage you all
to check it out frequently.

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