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RE: dracrorex and National Geographic

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> On Mon, 26 Nov 2007, Denver Fowler wrote:
> > I just saw this month's National Geographic magazine. Isn't 
> it a tad embarrassing to see "Dracorex hogswartsia" on the 
> cover, and in the article?: when "Dracorex" was recently 
> outed (along with "Stygiomoloch") as growth stages of 
> Pachycephalosaurus (Horner et al, SVP2007): not even 
> mentioned in the article. I find it pretty surprising that 
> National Geographic would sit so behind the times like this.

Not published yet: an SVP presentation.

And he is almost certainly correct, in my opinion. My only real question has
to do with whether Stygi really is a subadult Pachycephalosaurus
wyomingensis or simply a closely related species. But Dracorex is a kid.

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