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Re: dracrorex and National Geographic

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From: Dann Pigdon <dannj@alphalink.com.au>

Denver Fowler writes: 

>>> I find it pretty surprising that National Geographic would sit so
 behind the times like this.

>You've obviously mistaken National Geographic for a professional 
peer-reviewed publication... 

>(*cough* Archaeoraptor *cough*). 

Yeah.. but in the latest issue of Science, they had a whole page (pop writeup) 
on dracorex vs stygimoloch vs Pachycephalosaurus: reviewing the SVP talk. This 
article coming out within days of NatGeo must be pretty embarrassing.

ref: Stokstad, 2007, Did Horny Young Dinosaurs Cause Illusion of Separate 
Species?, Science: 318 (23rd Nov 2007), p1236



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