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RE: dracrorex and National Geographic

> From: owner-DINOSAUR@usc.edu [mailto:owner-DINOSAUR@usc.edu] 
> On Behalf Of Jerry D. Harris
>     Since it's not a news magazine and therefore isn't really 
> expected to update itself merely days before hitting print, I 
> suspect that _NGM_ gets its articles lined up for future 
> issues several months in advance.  Thus, I suspect that the 
> "Bizarre Dinosaurs" article was written and laid out before 
> SVP came around.  I know for certain that at least one NG 
> person was at the meeting, but I don't know that said person 
> had any power to change the article after the meeting (if 
> indeed said person saw Horner's talk -- I myself missed it).  
> Maybe the talk wasn't reported.  Maybe it was, but the 
> editors said "Too late to change it."  Maybe the editors said 
> "We could change it, but that's the kind of thing that would 
> require some discussion and we don't have room for that."  
> Who knows?  I agree it would have been nice to have the 
> newest, most up-to-date info in the article, but given the 
> nature of the magazine, I'm not positive that was 
> feasible...just a happenstance of poor timing -- if SVP had 
> been a few months earlier, or the _NGM_ article a few months 
> later, I bet the change would have been in there.

It definitely takes months to get _NGM_ issues put together. The little
features up front or in the back can be done relatively quickly, but the
main body text and art requires a lot of time to prepare.

That being said, at least some of us who were asked for comments about the
reconstructions and text did voice our concern about the (almost certain)
juvenile status of "Draco"; however, the authors and other consultants
pointed out that the juvenile hypothesis was not yet in print.

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