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Re: New Papers on 34th Street

There's a docodont mammal in that lot.  Thanks, Jerry.

Me no understand, but it's early in the morning:

<<Hu, Y.-M., Meng, J., and Clark, J.M. 2007. A new Late Jurassic docodont
(Mammalia) from northeastern Xinjiang, China. Vertebrata PalAsiatica

...The new mammal is typical of docodonts in having a cusp b in front of
cusp a, a cusp c distolingual to cusp a and a cusp g mesiolingual to cusp a
on lower molariforms...>>

Good, so cusps b and c are where they should be, relative to cusp a,

<<... Differing from other docodonts, it has no cusp a or crest b-a
developed on lower molariforms.>>

... "it has no cusp a"!?!?  Fortunately, cusp a returns in the next
sentence.  What on Earth is that just cited sentence meant to mean?