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Re: New Papers on 34th Street

<<Is there a _crest_ a?>>

Crests are supposed to be blades running between cusps.  With the front area
of docodont lower molars (strictly molariforms is better), you can have a
crest a-b, a b-g running to the front of the external side, an e-g running
across and a b-e.  With some, this can all end up with a sort of
pseudo-pseudotalonid (my own invented phrase, as it's not a homologue of the
genuine pseudotalonids of shuotheriids).  A "crest a" would surely have to
be a "crest" with no intention of running anywhere; a bladeless blade.

I suspect something's gone wrong with the virtual typesetting.  Later in the
abstract kindly uploaded by Jerry (Hu, Y.-M., Meng, J., and Clark, J.M.
2007. A new Late Jurassic docodont (Mammalia) from northeastern Xinjiang,
China. Vertebrata PalAsiatica 45(3):173-194.), comes: "Tegotheriid genera
are nested within Docodontidae, but a monophyletic tegotheriid dade composed
of /Tegotherium/, /Sibirotherium/, /Itatodon/, and /Tashkumyrodon/ is not

If an abstract from China (with all due respect) contains a 'dade', then
mislabelling a cusp must be a possibility.  They specifically mention the
presence of a, b, c and g.  There's no mention of an e, so perhaps that's
the actual absentee.  Then again, perhaps not.