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Thank you!

Madam and Gentlemen,

I am not a paleontologist just an enthusiast in science connected with
history of the Earth and its biology and dinosaurs indeed. And by the
way I am a writer of science fiction.
I have spent about a year here (and I am not planning to get out of
mailing list). I got a lot of information here, references to other
information resources.  Thanks to it I could fulfill one of my boyish
dreams * to go into world of the past (reconstructed according to our
latest theories).  I wrote a science fiction story that take place in
South America about 100 million year before our time in territory of
Neuquen. (Cordillera had just been created, inland sees, still existing
bridge between S. America and Africa, Atlantic only several millions
years old and narrow)

Here you can see a cover illustration of the book, it is not an exact
reconstruction :):

and inside is some more illustrations that are inspired by work of
Zdenek Burian.
I don*t know how the readers will like it but I really enjoyed study
and following implementation of our knowledge about dinosaurs and
ecology of that time. The book is going to be publish in Czech republic
in a few next days.

Thank you for such a place,

Miroslav Žamboch