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Re: Fwd: Re: Nesting birds (was RE: Marsupial forelimbs... or rather hindlimbs)

At 04:33 PM 29/11/2007, Tommy Tyrberg wrote:

Waders: Green Sandpiper is an obligate tree-nester

As are a number of other sandpipers in the genus Tringa (eg Solitary Sandpiper, as I recall)

Gannets: Abbot's Booby is a tree-nester

As are Red-footed Boobies, not to mention frigatebirds, many cormorants, and darters

Grebes and Loons, since they are so strongly adapted to swimming that they can hardly walk on land, much less in trees.

Strictly speaking grebes nest on floating vegetation, so they are not really "ground-nesters" either.

It works the other way around too, there are at least two obligate ground-living (and ground-nesting) wood-peckers.

As well as many passerines (most if not all larks, for example), including some (eg a number of wood warblers) that forage in trees but nest on the ground.

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