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Re: Chinese Museums

At 23:24 2007-11-29, David Marjanovic wrote:
Would anybody on the list mind giving me some examples for her?

I've seen the two in Beijing (natural history and geology), the one in Beipiao, and the one built on-site in Sihetun. All have fossils that you simply won't see anywhere else. I bet there's also one in Nanjing and one in Chengdu and probably one in Chongqing...

The IVPP in Beijing also has a fairly good public collection and the Yizhou Fossil museum in Yixian city also has a lot of material from Liaoning, though some of the specimens are rather heavily restored.

If your friend is also interested in post-mesozoic fossils I strongly recommend a visit to Zhoukoudian (the "Peking-man" site) west of Beijing. There is a pretty good on-site museum there too.

Tommy Tyrberg