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Re: Homing Pigeons? Try Homing Crocodiles...

Guy Leahy writes:

Here is the original research article documenting
homing instinct in Crocodylus porosus:


The authors note that evidence for homing behavior
over shorter distances appears to exist for alligators
and caimans, which suggests this capacity may be a
general crocodilian characteristic, and not restricted
to estuarine species.

It would be interesting to know whether crocodilians all once had this ability to a lesser extent and marine species improved it for longer journeys, or whether the long-distance abilities are ancestral and fresh-water species have partially lost it. Unless the physiological mechanism leaves marks on the skull that can fossilise, then I guess we'll never know for sure.

Here's something else I found by accident. Apparently bats, naked mole rats and Siberian hamsters all have a 'magnetic sense' as well (assuming the crocs are using magnetism to navigate).

http://www.newscientist.com/channel/life/mg19225815.400-bats-have-magnetic-s upersense-too.html


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