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Re: Longest continuous dinosaur trackways?

The Galinha tracksite presents big two sauropod trackways - one with 147m and other with 142 m long - in a total of more than 20 trackways.
The tracks are well preserved, with both manus and pes prints, and are date from Middle Jurassic.
Our research group have been working in this megatracksite, specially Vanda F. Santos.
If someone need any reprints feel free to ask.
SANTOS, V. F.; LOCKLEY, M. G.; MEYER, C. A.; CARVALHO, J.; GALOPIM de CARVALHO, A. M. & MORATALLA, J. J. (1994) - A new sauropod tracksite from the Middle Jurassic of Portugal. GAIA, 10: 5-13.



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Subject: Longest continuous dinosaur trackways?

Hi, does anyone have ref citations for published info on the longest
continuous dinosaur trackways? I know of sites in Bolivia, Purgatory River,
etc but am not sure of the publications where the lengths of such trackways
are described.