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Feathered Velociraptor

National Geographic's Chris Sloan has a blog on the discovery of quill nodes 
on the arm of Velociraptor at ngm.typepad.com/stones_bones_things. It includes 
my PDW 1988 image of a V. mongoliensis with fairly large lower arm feathers 
as the probable 1st artistic prediction of this feature. 

While on the subject of secondarily flightless feathered dromaeosaurs, in 
recent years I helped initiate and contributed information to a documentary on 
the subject. I was going to appear as the fellow who though up the basic 
and so forth. Lo and behold I recently learned that I was excluded from 
appearing on the documentary because the producer was not bright enough to 
out how to explain to the apparently clueless viewing public the anatomical 
details behind the hypothesis. As they say, that's the superficial 
that passes for science coverage these days. I'm ticked off enough to 
encourage folks to not watch the blasted thing, which I will not name until 
after it 
has appeared because the more who happen to miss the program the better. 

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