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Fw: Feathered Velociraptor

About 10 years ago, in a bit for Discovery News, the interviewer asked me to
describe how pterosaurs landed (this was before the discovery of the
Crayssac landing tracks).  She kept retaping my response trying to make it
simpler.  Finally, she told me I had to accurately describe it in no more
than three or four sentences while using simple enough terms that a third
grader could understand it.  I responded that I couldn't do that in simple
enough terms that I could understand it.  Nearly as I can tell, this sort of
thing is typical of most documentaries.  I'm with Greg.

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Lo and behold I recently learned that I was excluded from
appearing on the documentary because the producer was not bright enough to figure
out how to explain to the apparently clueless viewing public the anatomical
details behind the hypothesis. As they say, that's the superficial entertainment
that passes for science coverage these days. I'm ticked off enough to
encourage folks to not watch the blasted thing, which I will not name until after it
has appeared because the more who happen to miss the program the better.