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Re: Longest continuous dinosaur trackways?

Hi, does anyone have ref citations for published info on the longest
continuous dinosaur trackways?  I know of sites in Bolivia, Purgatory River,
etc but am not sure of the publications where the lengths of such trackways
are described.

Some Late Jurassic theropod trackways from the Uzbekistan-Turkmenistan border region measure between 184 and 311 m in length. See:

Lockley, M.G., Meyer, C.A., Schultz-Pittman, R., and Forney, G. 1996. Late Jurassic dinosaur tracksites from central Asia: a preliminary report on the world's longest trackways; pp. 137-140 in Morales, M. (ed.), The Continental Jurassic. Museum of Northern Arizona Bulletin 60. Museum of Northern Arizona, Flagstaff.

Meyer, C.A., and Lockley, M.G. 1997. Jurassic and Cretaceous dinosaur tracksites from central Asia (Usbekistan and Turkmenistan); pp. 77-92 in Yang, S.-Y., Huh, M., Lee, Y.-N., and Lockley, M.G. (eds.), International Dinosaur Symposium for Uhangri Dinosaur Center and Theme Park in Korea. Journal of the Paleontological Society of Korea Special Publication 2. Paleontological Society of Korea, Chonnam.

The latter reports there was a photo of one of the trackways in a 1996 ish of _National Geographic_. Neither of these reports, however, provide detailed measurements, etc., if that's what you're seeking -- that data has not yet been published, to my knowledge...

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