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Compiled theories of flight's origin


 Let me see if I understand the various theories regarding the origin of flight 
in birds and other backboned animals....(I made up one today).....

apologies in advance for the simplified descriptions...

* Ground Up - a ground-dwelling maniraptor flaps arms covered in protofeathers, 
and after a thousand or so generations, it gets off the ground an appreciable 

* Trees Down - a tree-dwelling maniraptor spreads its protofeathered arms to 
slow its leap from the branches to the ground/prey.

* Running Up A Tree - a ground-dwelling maniraptor spreads its 
protofeather-covered arms  to provide balance as it runs across the ground and 
up a tree trunk to escape a predator.

* Leaping Away - a maniraptor leaps high into the air to escape a predator, and 
uses its protofeathered arms to help catch gusts of wind (and the occasional 
flapping of arms) to carry it away.
(I saw grasshoppers doing this today,,,and it gave me the idea)

 any other theories?

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