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DML breakfast at SVP?

Dear DML people,

For the first time ever, I will be at SVP this year, and I'd ove to
meet my fellow DML people.  But there seems to be no DML Breakfast
arranged this year.  I asked Mickey and Mary about and they said that
that neither of them is going this year, but that I should feel free
to organise it if I wanted to.

Well ... since I've never been to Austin and I've never been to SVP, I
am probably just about the worst person to attempt this.  But I would
like it to happen, so could anyone with experience of this who's
interested in seeing it happen this year please contact me OFF-LIST
and tell me what the deal is.  I'll synthesise responses and post a

Hope to see plenty of you there!

(Some of you, I will gladly buy a beer; others, I expect _you_ to buy
 _me_ a beer :-)

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         -- Dave Bell.