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Re: the Jurassic park movie's

That whole scene seemed far fetched to me - I don't think I've ever
seen a documentary where 2 almost equal sized predators duked it out
to the death bar-room brawl style.  I think they'd have gone a lot
closer to the truth if the fight had lasted 5 seconds with both
getting a quick bite in, or if it had taken hours of feinted lunges
and threatening gestures.  Either way, unless either party were
incapacitated, outnumbered or grossly outsized, both big beasts should
have survived the encounter.

On 10/5/07, Tobi Hautekiet <darth_tobi@hotmail.com> wrote:
> Has this been brought up? because i cheked wikipedia and they didn't seme to
> care...they just wont it to be treu because they like the movies. The first
> two i can forgive...Most of the mistakes were becouse back then they didn't
> know.  But the third one ones the idiotic tyrannosaurus batle. Everyone
> seemes to think that the T.-rex should have one but the spinosaurus....and
> so on.
> I think that almost nobody could possibly know who would actually win anyway
> but i do think that: The Tyrannosaurus has a very strong bite right? well he
> bites into the spinosaurus neck... the spinopsaurus isn't even woonded...but
> in the end i just want to know what you guys think...Because in a year or
> two the new arguments will come with: The extinction: jurassic park(4)
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