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DML breakfast at SVP?

Mike Taylor writes:
 > Dear DML people,
 > For the first time ever, I will be at SVP this year, and I'd ove to
 > meet my fellow DML people.  But there seems to be no DML Breakfast
 > arranged this year.  I asked Mickey and Mary about and they said that
 > that neither of them is going this year, but that I should feel free
 > to organise it if I wanted to.
 > Well ... since I've never been to Austin and I've never been to SVP, I
 > am probably just about the worst person to attempt this.  But I would
 > like it to happen, so could anyone with experience of this who's
 > interested in seeing it happen this year please contact me OFF-LIST
 > and tell me what the deal is.  I'll synthesise responses and post a
 > suggestion.

I find it hard to even describe the massive wave of apathy that this
message has generated: the ONLY response has been from Mike Keesey,
who emailed basically to say that he planned to be oversleeping after
staying up late the night before.  So the way it stands, it looks like
it's just going to be me.

Nothing daunted, I am going to have the SVP DML breakfast all on my
own -- me and anyone who wants to join me.  I'll be meeting myself at
7am on Wednesday, in the hotel's breakfast room, and I'll be easily
identifiable because I'll be wearing a luminous orange Mamenchisaurus
hochuanensis T-shirt.  If, as sometimes happens, there are multiple
people in the breakfast room wearing Mamenchisaurus hochuanensis
T-shirts, then mine is the one that is inexplicable missing three
cervicals, so that the neck is truncated to a mere 16 vertebrae.

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