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Vertebrata Palasiatica pdfs requested

Dear list,

there are three papers from Vertebrata Palasiatica which I cannot request from 
the authors since I can't find any eMail address in the web. Maybe someone can 
help me either with pdfs of the papers or mail addresses of the authors.

The papers are:

Dong, D.-Z., Zhou, Z.-Li., and Wu, S.-Y., 2003, Note on a hadrosaur footprint 
from Heilongjiang, river area of China: Vertebrata PalAsiatica, v. 41, n. 4: 

Gao, Y.-H., Ye, Y., and Jiang, S., 2004, A new species of Bishanopliosaurus 
from the Middle Jurassic of Zigong, Sichuan: Vertebrata PalAsiatica, v. 42, n. 
1: 162-165. 

Li, J.-L., Liu, J., and Rieppel, O., 2002, A new species of Lariosaurus 
(Sauropterygia: Nothosauridae) from Triassic of Guizhou, Southwest China: 
Vertebrata PalAsiatica, v. 40, n. 2: 114-126. 

Many thanks in advance,

Michael Lange

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