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Re: SVP Abstracts

--- Nick Pharris <npharris@umich.edu> wrote:

> I see that the abstracts for this year's SVP are
> password-protected and 
> restricted to attendees.  This strikes me as a bit
> harsh--what possible 
> down side is there to making electronic copies
> freely available? 

Very good question... :-)

> I 
> seem to remember they were freely available last
> year.

The abstracts were freely available last year, and all
previous years.  This is the first year that access
has been limited.  By contrast, the Geological Society
of America still makes their annual meeting abstracts
freely available:


Guy Leahy

> I suppose it would be wrong to ask some kindly
> attendee to forward me a 
> copy...
> -- 
> Nick Pharris (whose institutional journal access
> just got cut off and 
> who feels a bit like part of his brain is missing)