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Singin' In The New Papers - Baryonyx in Portugal…

Baryonyx in Portugal…

Eric BUFFETAUT Geol. Mag.: page 1 of 5. 2007 Cambridge University Press doi:10.1017/S0016756807003883

Jaw fragments bearing teeth from the Barremian of Boca
do Chapim (Lisboa e Setubal Province, Portugal), originally
considered as crocodilian and identified as Suchosaurus
girardi by Sauvage, are redescribed and referred to the
spinosaurid dinosaur Baryonyx, on the basis of comparison
with Baryonyx walkeri, from the Barremian of England.
This extends the geographical distribution of this unusual
theropod genus to Portugal.
Baryonyx appears to have been a frequent component of
Early Cretaceous dinosaur assemblages in the Iberian region,
which may have formed a biogeographical ‘stepping-stone’
for baryonychine dispersal between Europe and Africa.


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