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Re: dinosaur murals

One of Yale's WebPages claims that Zallinger's "Age of Reptiles" (in the Peabody Museum of Natural History) is "the largest dinosaur painting in the world" (http://www.yale.edu/onhsa/science/science_public.html), while another Yale webpage claims that "the mural is one of the largest in the world:" (http://www.yale.edu/peabody/explore/reptiles.html).

Both these statements can be, and probably are, true. Keep in mind that the largest dinosaur painting in the world is not necessarily the largest mural in the world. For example, here in Portland, Maine, we have a 1000 foot long mural of whales painted on the exterior of a wharf facility (http://www.wylandfoundation.org/whalingWalls/whalingWalls_detail.cfm?WhalingWalls_number=36). This clearly qualifies as a much larger mural than Zallinger's, but it does not qualify as a dinosaur painting (even though it has a few small seagulls in it :)

These confusing references to the Peabody's mural as "the largest dinosaur painting" versus only "one of the largest murals" may have led to your question. Clearly, there are murals larger than Zallinger's, but my bet is that Zallinger's work is still the largest *dinosaur* mural (or dinosaur painting, if you will) in the world.

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Does anyone know what might be the largest dinosaur mural ever done? And where it is? Has someone done a bigger one than the (I think) 110' x 10' Zallinger "Age of Reptiles? Contenders?