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IMAX Sea Monsters in 3-D

> On 10/5/07, Ian Paulsen <birdbooker@zipcon.net>
> wrote:
> > HI:
> >  I saw that my local IMAX theatre has this movie
> showing: Sea Monsters 3D:
> > A Prehistoric Adventure. I was wondering if it is
> worth seeing?

Does a Plesiosaur swim?  Saw it Sunday with the kids. 
As I predicted, it was better than Giants of Patagonia
because underwater scenery will always make better 3-D
- especially with the little fishies going all over the

They all agreed it was even better than the Patagonia
flick (which was excellent in its own right).  My son
kept waiting for the 'Liopleurodon' - he was certain
that the Tylosaurus was 'it'.  Patiently I explained
that the Liopleurodon lived during the Jurassic, while
this film was about the Cretaceous Kansas Sea....

....although there IS a Liopleurodon, but he makes a
very quick cameo early in the film, as the different
layers of fossils are exposed and critters
'materialize' out of them and dash at you.....

On another note, I seem to recall that the creator of
"Walking with Dinosaurs" was planning to re-release it
in 3-D someday.  Anyone know anything more about that?

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