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Re: Monster find at Hell Creek

Yeah, it really can look that way to the average outsider though. Rough county. It's their cauldron of doom though. Not mine, I like it here. It was gods country before European man moved here and screwed it up.

Excuse my overly active delurking as the first image just looked really unnatural to me. (It was). The second higher resolution one (taken before they messed up the "print") fixed that incorrect perspective. The film showing him messing with the surrounding mud was the clincher.

Actually, living on Hell Creek does have it's disadvantages. Rough winters, long fire season (some places have rainy seasons and dry seasons, we have fire seasons and mud seasons), there are a few rattlers (never seen them dripping though I have fried up a few for supper before), scorpions etc. What I am most intimidated by are the 140 pound mountain lions that wander here about. I stick my head down in a fossil pit for an hour with my butt sticking up in the air advertising to that big kitty. (Sorry for the mental picture there!). Unless I find that new species of pachycephalosaur I know is here, the most likely way you will read about my work internationally is that big kitty. "Mountain Lion Eats Paleontologist hunting Hell Creek Dinosaurs". It's easy to make the local papers digging triceratops stuff. You either have to find an unidentified muddy foot print or have your butt chewed off by a big cat to get in the international rags. Tough road those Brits. make to follow.

Good points of living on Hell Creek Formation: really short commute to work, longer working year, no travel expenses except keeping your ATV serviced, and dozens of fossil sites within a few miles of your homestead. Something new to do every day. So many fossils, so little time. (I just opened a microsite 600 feet from my front door).

Frank (Rooster) Bliss
MS Biostratigraphy
Weston, Wyoming

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"... the land is so vast, treacherously dripping with rattle snakes and
scorpions, making the risks of combing every inch of it an impossible task. "

Oh, brother! We're shoveling it on a wee bit thick here. Hey Frank, I hope
you're safe tonight living in your cauldron of doom. DV

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