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Re: Coping w/ the rule; was metabolic rate [...]

Don Ohmes said:
Further, here in the 'Newtonian zone', sometimes it is good to be small.
However, it can be effectively argued that whether engaged in competition for resources, avoiding predation, or efficient utilization of resources obtained, it is _usually_
advantageous to be bigger than the competition, within the limits inherent to your particular design
and lifestyle.

But so many exceptions to this: extant dinosaurs avoid predation by being small (i.e., for hiding and flying); some mammals avoid predation by being fast and not big, some avoid it by being small in order to hide--most do not use size to avoid it; lizards and snakes remain small to take advantage of their body plan (i.e., it gives them a way to hide); and then there are the arthropods, molluscs, echinoderms, and annelids, etc., etc.--all of whom may have other limits on size but who nevertheless employ means other than brute strength to avoid being eaten.