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RE: New Papers of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood

David Marjanovic wrote:

>> Africa - Rahonavis, unnamed/non-diagnostic material incl. Wadi Milk
>> material (unenlagiine?).
> Biogeographically it does not make sense to lump Madagascar into Africa.

Agreed.  I didn't have any biogeographical hypothesis in mind when I brought up 
the fact that dromaeosaurids had been reported from all modern continents.  But 
now that you mention it, it either means that the appearance of dromaeosaurids 
pre-dates the break-up of Pangaea; or that early dromaeosaurids could fly, and 
didn't need land connections to get from one landmass to another.  But even if 
the latter was true (I think the jury is still out), you have to wonder if 
their flight abilities were adequate for long flights.  

> Are there any dromaeosaurids from the Indian "subcontinent" or from New
> Zealand + Chatham Islands? (AFAIK not from the former.)

Not that I know of.



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