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Re: Coping w/ the rule; was metabolic rate [...]

Jaime A. Headden writes:

For example, only humans and crocs hunt crocs, and humans as a hunter
race have developed beyond comparison with other animals in hunting methods and
preferrences. There is virtually nothing a human will not hunt as prey,
regardless of its edibility.

Crocs will have a go at just about anything that moves near the water's edge, whether animate or not. One large croc was known to have a fetish for outboard motors. It was thought that the motors attached to the back of small boats may have resembled the heads of large animals bending down to drinking. It's also been suggested that crocs may have limited thermal detection abilities, and that recently used motors give off a similar amout of heat to a living animal.

Tiger sharks are also known to attack just about anything that moves, whether animate or not. Stomach contents have yielded things like license plates, cans full of nails, and even a small roll of linoleum.


Dann Pigdon
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