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Re: The Indian gondwanatherian mammal

Curiously enough, a 'second' Upper Cretaceous Indian gondwanatherian mammal
has appeared, and thanks go to the kindly supplier.  The slight problem is
that it looks astonishingly like the first, and there doesn't presently seem
any basis of differentiating between them.  It turned out the various groups
of authors were kind of working in parallel, and weren't overly aware of the
unpublished progress of each other.  Far be it from me to declare these new
taxa as synonymous.  That's none of my business.  However, I'm informed
efforts will be made to directly compare the fossil samples involved.

The already mentioned publication for /Bharattherium/ is:
Prasad GR, Verma O, Sahni A, Krause DW, Khola A & Parmar V (2007), A new
Late Cretaceous Gondwanatherian mammal from Central India, Proc. Indian
Natu. Sci. Acad. 73 No.1, p.17-24.
That was published in March and, should the ever so immensely large chance
of synonymity occur, then it would have to have priority.

Kind of new is:
/Dakshina jederi/
Wilson GP, Das Darma DC, Antharaman S (2007), Late Cretaceous sudamericid
gondwanatherians from India with paleobiogeographic considerations on
Gondwanan mammals, Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology, 27(2), p.521-531.

Thanks are due to various people for some background assistance, and I'm
relieved to find out that I could apparently believe what my eyes were
telling me early this morning, when I was wondering where I'd seen pictures
before so very much like the one's I happened to be looking out.