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Re: New Papers of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood

Well, the breakup of Pangaea only started for biogeographical purposes
around the Early-Late Cretaceous boundary when Africa broke off of South
America and apparently lost the spinosaur connection to Europe (...and

Not sure what you mean here. The Laurasia-Gondwana split occurred a long time before this (Late Jurassic).

Not for biogeographic purposes. One word: *Baryonyx*.

As for dromaeosaurids, their distribution was compatible with a vicariance model, so long as the Cretaceous unenlagiines were limited to Gondwana and the velociraptorines and dromaeosaurines were limited to Laurasia. But when Turner et al. (2007; the _Mahakala_ paper) recovered the Mongolian taxon _Shanag_ within the Unenlagiinae, this throws a spanner in the works, because it implies at least one dispersal event.

Maybe. But considering the age of that part of Dromaeosaurinae with "dromaeosaurine" teeth (Kimmeridgian), Unenlagiinae could easily be at least as old.