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RE: New Papers of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood

David Marjanovic wrote:

> Not for biogeographic purposes. One word: *Baryonyx*.

I agree that the _Baryonyx_-_Suchomimus_ link suggests a trans-Tethys 
dispersal.  But this might have been an isolated event.  Overall, the north 
African and European dinofaunas do not show a lot in common during the Early 
Cretaceous.  For example, it's not even close to the degree of similarity 
shared by the Morrison, Tendaguru, and Lourinha/Alcobaca faunas of the Late 

> Maybe. But considering the age of that part of Dromaeosaurinae with
> "dromaeosaurine" teeth (Kimmeridgian), Unenlagiinae could easily be at least
> as old.

Yes, true.  But how confident are you in assigning dromaeosaurid teeth at the 
"subfamily" level?  :-)



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