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Re: New Papers of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood

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From: "Tim Williams" <twilliams_alpha@hotmail.com>
Sent: Wednesday, October 17, 2007 1:06 AM

I agree that the _Baryonyx_-_Suchomimus_ link suggests a trans-Tethys dispersal. But this might have been an isolated event. Overall, the north African and European dinofaunas do not show a lot in common during the Early Cretaceous. For example, it's not even close to the degree of similarity shared by the Morrison, Tendaguru, and Lourinha/Alcobaca faunas of the Late Jurassic.

Fine, but has *Valdosaurus* been split? On the other hand, *Barosaurus* has been, *Brachiosaurus* remains to be tested, *Allosaurus* is IIRC quite questionable in the Tendaguru, and *Australodocus* and *Dicraeosaurus* have not been found in the Morrison so far, while *Apatosaurus*, *Eobrontosaurus*, *Camarasaurus*, *Supersaurus* and others are so far missing from the Tendaguru.

Maybe. But considering the age of that part of Dromaeosaurinae with
"dromaeosaurine" teeth (Kimmeridgian), Unenlagiinae could easily be at least
as old.

Yes, true. But how confident are you in assigning dromaeosaurid teeth at the "subfamily" level? :-)

It's apparently an even smaller clade. For example, *Deinonychus* sometimes comes out as a basal dromaeosaurine, but retains "velociraptorine" teeth, like *Sinornithosaurus*. The teeth in question are stout and not much recurved, and are generally difficult to confuse with anything else.