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Re: Morphological dating

--- David Marjanovic <david.marjanovic@gmx.at>

> > The change in rate at Eumaniraptora is annoyingly
> post hoc.
> Yes. Apparently they used a constant rate for
> Eumaniraptora and another 
> constant rate for the rest of the tree -- neither
> theoretically defensible 
> nor necessary in practice, considering molecular
> dating programs like r8s, 
> PATHd8 or (shudder) Multidivtime.

There is a somewhat suspect paper out in one of the
bird journals (I think) on a Cretaceous origin of
pigeons, which I have not read. Basically trying to
trick around the fact that there is no pre-Neogene
record to speak of (though one *might* reasonably
expect there to be, given the Aussie passerines which
would under either scenario shared range with
pigeons). The phylogeny seems, judging from the
abstract, also a bit contrary to older models which
place the center of radiation farther W.

When I get to looking at it, I'll post it if nobody
else does. Would be interesting if their approach
seems any good.


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