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Re: Mesozoic illnesses

If people in the future went back to dinosaur times, wouldn't they risk catching Mesozoic diseases?

Not very likely, because infection needs two: pathogens are adapted to more or less specific hosts. That's why you can't get foot-and-mouth disease, why only a few mammals and nothing else can get rabies, and why chimpanzees can be infected with HIV but don't get ill.

With the Mesozoic being hotter and muggier than today, the bacteria and viruses (virii?) of the time must have been more vigorous than contemporary pathogens,

This does not follow at all. Heat and moisture just make survival outside of a host easier for pathogens. BTW, if Latin, then viri with a single i. A double i only happens when there's already an i in front of the -us or -um part.

At least more deadly Mesozoic diseases would mean that dinosaurs had superior immunity systems that medical science might want to obtain for analysis...

For that, I recommend today's crocodiles. They live in hot swamps and occasionally tear limbs off each other, yet they don't seem to get infections.