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Re: Mesozoic illnesses

Heh. Or, you could take dinosaur eggs and use them in the manufacture of flu 
vaccines ...

Is it a reasonable assumption that the Mesozoic fungi might be novel to your 
immune system? That might be the big risk, should one find you habitable.


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> If people in the future went back to dinosaur times, wouldn't they
> catching Mesozoic diseases?

Not very likely, because infection needs two: pathogens are adapted to
or less specific hosts. That's why you can't get foot-and-mouth
 disease, why 
only a few mammals and nothing else can get rabies, and why chimpanzees
be infected with HIV but don't get ill.

> With the Mesozoic being hotter and muggier than today, the bacteria
> viruses (virii?) of the time must have been more vigorous than 
> contemporary pathogens,

This does not follow at all. Heat and moisture just make survival
 outside of 
a host easier for pathogens. BTW, if Latin, then viri with a single i.
double i only happens when there's already an i in front of the -us or

> At least more deadly Mesozoic diseases would mean that dinosaurs had 
> superior immunity systems that medical science might want to obtain
> analysis...

For that, I recommend today's crocodiles. They live in hot swamps and 
occasionally tear limbs off each other, yet they don't seem to get