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RE: Titanis paper?

Interesting that the restoration of Titanis accompanying the paper shows it with typical avian wings, not the "arms" that have been postulated for it (not to mention that restorations showing Titanis facing human beings may require some revision!). Is there now evidence contradicting the view that Titanis' wings had developed intograsping arms?

At 02:26 AM 24/10/2007, evelyn sobielski wrote:

--- Ian Paulsen <birdbooker@zipcon.net> schrieb:

>  I read earlier here about a paper in the works
> about redating the Titanis
> specimen from Texas. Does anyone know if this paper
> was published?


McFadden, B., Labs-Hochstein, J., Hulbert, R.C. Jr.,
and Baskin, J.A. (2007). "Revised age of the late
Neogene terror bird (Titanis) in North America during
the Great American Interchange." Geology, 35(2):
123-126. doi:10.1130/G23186A.1

PDF at: http://www.gsajournals.org/perlserv/?request=res-loc&uri=urn%3Aap%3Apdf%3Adoi%3A10.1130%2FG23186A.1


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