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Re: Platypuses may be older than we think...

<<Little _Kryoryctes_ was certainly a digger (hence the name).  But it's a
stretch to say therefore it was a tachyglossan.  BTW, I'm not saying that's
what you're saying, Dann; but it may be the reason behind why that website
classifies _Kryoryctes_ as a tachyglossan (albeit with a '?').  I think
there's a _National Geographic_ article that also alludes to it being a
Cretaceous echidna.>>

I've just checked the original description.  In that, the humerus is
referred to as "tachyglossid-like", and then tentatively to Monotremata
(with a question mark).  Coming to think of it, Tim, this is more or less
what you've already written!  Nevertheless, I may as well let people know
what Pridmoreet al is and report my successful efforts at sustaining bugs
responsible for colds.  My head hurts.

Pridmore, Rich, Vickers-Rich & Gambaryan (2005), Tachyglossid-like humerus
from the Early Cretaceous of South-Eastern Australia, Journal of Mammalian
Evolution, 12 (3/4), p.359-378.

'Scuse me, must sneeze.