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RE: Othniel Charles Marsh

There are a lot of problems with this database. For example, Marsh did
not name  Brontosaurus montanus in 1877 as implied, rather Atlantosaurus
montanus Mrash 1877 was referred to B. montanus by Kuhn in 1965. The
correct notation, as defined by ICZN 51.3, should be Brontosaurus
montanus (Marsh 1877) or Brontosaurus montanus (Marsh 1877) Kuhn 1965
[ICZN Recommendation 51G].

In reality, Marsh named 86 species and Cope 56.


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You do need to count :)

Chisako Sakata schreef:
> Dear Lists
> I thank if somebody could kindly tell me how many dinosaur species
named by
> Marsh.
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> Chisako SAKATA