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Re: Platypuses may be older than we think...

Good point. Nevertheless, monotremes (both living and extinct) can be broadly divided into two categories: 'diggers' and 'swimmers'. Modern echidnas are diggers, and so was _Kryoryctes_ (based on humeral morphology).

Fine, but the platypus digs burrows, too, so it's not that far away.

_Obdurodon_ (for which a beautiful skull is known) is certainly a bona fide platypus.

Agreed, but it's only Miocene.

This same paper also supports the referral of _Monotrematum_ to the Ornithorhynchidae, saying "...the lower molar morphology of _Monotrematum sudamericanum_ agrees with previous statements that it is a monotreme closely allied with _Obdurodon_."

Then maybe the echidnas are ornithorhynchids and closely allied with *Obdurodon*, too. With the presently known fossils, we won't find out. We still don't know any tachyglossan teeth, and we still don't know anything but teeth from *Monotrematum*.