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Re: When pterosaurs ate dragonflies

Er, um, dragonfly wings get brittle after death, IIRC ... could have a foot, or 
falling branch, not a mouth, that caused the damage. Also, one is forced to 
wonder why it wasn't eaten; I doubt if it could fly well, or at all, missing 
that much of the back wing on just one side. But what a beaut of a fossil ...


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Mark Witton wrote:

> I've been meaning to get around to doing this for a while: does
> out there know anything about the Solnhofen dragonfly that's
> had a bite taken out of its wings by a pterosaur? Ultra-keen fans of
> fossilised pterosaur trophic interactions can find a picture at:
> http://www.pterosaurier.de/libelle_mit_pterosaurierbiss_01_o.jpg

Why couldn't the dragonfly have been bitten by an _Archaeopteryx_?  Or
 even a leaping non-avian theropod?

Looks like a job for "CSI: Solnhofen".


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